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Wiltec industries like to play when all the work is done!

We are involved in Vintage motocross and this year are pleased to have the Nationals at Conondale West of the Sunshine Coast in August, Wiltec is also a major sponsor of this event.

Come along and say hi and watch our year un-fold in our new Wiltec News section.

Recent Projects

The Normanby Pedestrican Cycle Link  

Wiltec Industries was a successful tender to supply metal work handrails and screens to the Normanby Pedestrian Cycle Link.

With our partners Seymour Whyte Constructions (Works Principal), we set about the difficult task of completing both curved and rising handrail systems which also feature specially fabricated light poles, while SWC supplied all cival works.

Construction shot shows complex rise and fall of project


Looking towards Normanby 5-ways via cycle ramp


Looking South on ramp showing

Intergrated lightpole


North of Tunnel at specialised Railway protection

 screening and again intergrated light poles 


  Looking down on protection screening, North of tunnel at 5-ways


Specialised handrails to stairs 


View at ramp access, North of tunnel 


Handrails were designed to be a long lasting

durable feature of construction works


Looking South over bridge toward Roma Street Parklands  


View from carpark at Roma Street Park Lands



Another shot of Wiltec Industries` strong and durable railing systems



 More Wiltec Industries work as a feature in this project


Special Thanks

We'd like to send our special thanks to our partners in this project:

Seymour Whyte Constructions (Works Principal)

NQ Cad Products (Structural detailors)

Bluescope Steel Distributions

Industrial Galvanizers.

If you'd like more information on these companies please check out our links.

  Noosa Tri Bridge

  Wiltec Industries was approached by our business partners Northside Builders Hire to overcome an access problem that they had with a walkway required over a road. Through their engineers and our team we were able to produce for them a removeable temporary bridge fabricated from aluminium to reduce weight problems.

The finished bridge has been very sucessful and looking to expand duel bridges for next years event. 




Side view of the design work of the bridge from Wiltec Industries




 End view of Bridge showing clear unobstructed access




 Front view of the easy access Noosa Tri Bridge           




 Wiltec Industries was asked by our works partner Think Construction to do some major modification to the building at Bunnings Cannon Hill. 

The job included the removal of a 60 metre long by 10 metre high tilt slab wall and required new structural support steel for existing roof framing and sheeting. All this work was to improve the accessible floor area for bunnings trade timber area. Steel work can be seen in photos A and B below.

Another area of concern was verqular traffic in and around office and new air ducks. Wiltec was asked to design and construct safety railings to protect these items. As can be seen in photo C and D.

After all these works were completed Bunnings needed some new clear access to move vehicles in and out of timber area. Wiltec was asked to design and construct some large roller door openings which can be seen in photo E



Side view of Wiltec Rail C 




Wiltec Guard Rail D



                 Wiltec Beams A



Wiltec Beams B 




                 Wiltec Roof Beams E


If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to head towards the contact page and give us a  call or send us an email.                          



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